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Obituaries, Flemington  NJ

Obituaries will remain on this screen for 30 days from the date of death. After 30 days, please click on the Obituary Archive button below to search our database. The online database contains records beginning from February 18, 2004. For records occuring prior to that date, please contact Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home by calling (908) 782-4343. Our records contain information back to the 1800's.

(Click on name to view obituary)
Helen M. Biangamano

Date of Death: 10/01/2014

Ringoes, NJ
Patricia A. Kerr

Date of Death: 09/27/2014

Raritan Township, NJ
John C. F. Taw

Date of Death: 09/27/2014

Clinton, NJ
Matthew D. Harjes

Date of Death: 09/26/2014

Flemington, NJ
Lucia T. DeScala

Date of Death: 09/25/2014

Raritan Township, New Jersey
Helen Brezina

Date of Death: 09/24/2014

Holland Township, NJ
Dylan G. Napolitan

Date of Death: 09/20/2014

Kingwood Township, NJ
V. Rev. William Sutfin Schneirla

Date of Death: 09/20/2014

Readington Township, NJ
Margaret E. Seiger

Date of Death: 09/16/2014

Bridgewater, New Jersey
Virginia L. Vieytes

Date of Death: 09/16/2014

Upper Black Eddy, PA.
Joyce S. Gerrone

Date of Death: 09/15/2014

Delaware Township, NJ
Delane Rita Lansky Lipka

Date of Death: 09/12/2014

Washington Township, NJ
Boris Despotov

Date of Death: 09/11/2014

Readington Township, NJ
Emily E. Fitzer

Date of Death: 09/11/2014

East Bangor, PA
Christopher B. Mone

Date of Death: 09/10/2014

Raritan Township, NJ
Ida M. Kemble

Date of Death: 09/06/2014

West Amwell Township, NJ
Diane M. Friedenthal

Date of Death: 09/05/2014

East Amwell Township, NJ

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