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Why plan ahead and what are the options available?

Planning ahead allows one to decide for themselves the exact arrangements of their funeral. Many people feel that this may be too "morbid." However, more and more people see that the benefits outweigh this feeling. Among these benefits are relieving survivors from having to make funeral decisions during a time of emotional difficulty as well as taking out any guesswork associated with the kind of funeral arrangements you would have wanted. More and more frequently, people of all age groups, including those who are healthy as well as those afflicted with a terminal illness are preplanning, and in many cases, prepaying their own or a loved one's funeral.

Various prepayment options are available, the most popular being the opening of a prepaid funeral trust account, called CHOICES, through the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association. Money deposited in this account is FDIC insured, stays in your name and is completely refundable, except in the case of SSI/Medicaid. As the managers of the program state, "The New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund meets all Federal and State consumer protection pre-need laws. Our goal is to ensure that people can pre-fund their funerals---safely, conveniently and with complete confidence."

For further information on CHOICES, please visit the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association website at

Please call for an appointment to discuss the options available. We are available to you and your family twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Funeral Preplanning

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